In June 2015, The WFA formed a Technical Sub-Group to review all the equipment used within the sport of Powerchair Football in England.

When reviewing equipment, player safety is at the forefront of our minds.  We will ensure that the game is accessible to all at grassroots level whilst working to develop every step of the powerchair football pathway.  It is also the objective to offer players choice and flexibility when entering into powerchair football and enable them to reach their full potential.

Objectives of the Technical Sub-Committee:

The sub-committee will:

  • Work to provide recommendations that work within the current FIPFA Laws of the Game.
  • Understand and outline the impact of any recommendations or changes for all those involved at every level of the game.
  • Lead research and gather data to support any recommendations made to the WFA
  • Work to identify any existing areas for development as well as looking for new innovative developments to help future progress.
  • Work with current partners, stakeholders and other disability sports to maximise the expertise available to support the development of the game.

Manufacturers and suppliers of equipment

The Wheelchair Football Association is always interested to hear from manufacturers or suppliers of equipment who may wish to become involved in powerchair football.  We would advise any interested parties to Contact Us or email David Lewis, WFA Chairperson on [email protected]

Technical Sub-Committee Members

At present the Technical Committee consists of 9 members, including 2 WFA Executive Committee members and 7 volunteers who are affiliated to various clubs up and down the country:

  • WFA Chairperson (David Lewis)
  • WFA Player Representative (Cath McNicol)
  • Paul Wade
  • Warren Kelsall
  • George Radcliffe
  • Steve Kelly
  • Paul Hodgson
  • Tom Wickens
  • Alex Dowding

If you are someone that would like to be involved in the WFA Technical Sub-Committee, please contact David Lewis, WFA Chairperson on [email protected]