The South East Regional League (SEPFL) has been running since 2013 and is the second-largest regional league in the country. The SEPFL has 70 players in 14 teams playing across the South East of England. The 14 teams compete across two divisions with the aim of either securing promotion or avoiding relegation. 


Brighton & Hove Albion PFC Muscle Warriors PFC
Sevenoaks PFC Norwich City PFC
Evergreen PFC Portsmouth PFC
Sevenoaks Development  Bournemouth Warriors
Reading PFC Greenwich PFC
Aspire Lions Norwich Canaries
Faversham PFC Crystal Palace

Matches are played at two venues, K2 Sports Centre in Crawley, Sussex and the University of Hertfordshire Sports Centre in Hatfield, Hertfordshire.

Current Officers and Main Contacts


Steve Baxter

Email: [email protected]

Vice Chairperson

Steve Kelly

Email: [email protected]


Adam McEvoy

Welfare Officer

Sharon Kelly

Fixtures/Social Media

Alex Dowding

Player Representative

Kai Shah

Referee Rep

Paul O'Brien


University of Hertfordshire Sports Village

Hatfield Business Park Park Office,

De Havilland Campus,

Mosquito Way,


AL10 9EU

K2 Crawley

Pease Pottage Hill,


RH11 9BQ