Competition Overview

The North East Powerchair Football League (NEPFL) was formed in 2013, with its first competitive season being held in 2013/14. The league currently consists of twelve teams from six member clubs who are split actross two divisions; the North East Premiership and North East Championship.

Premiership Championship
Middlesbrough PFC Bradford Hot Wheels
Leeds Chariots PFC Middlesbrough Discovery
Newcastle PFC Newcastle Magpies
Middlesbrough Reserves Leeds Centurions
Electric Eels Darlington
Leeds Dynamos Electric Eels Academy
Teesside PFC York PFC

During the 2018/19 season, the NEPFL hosted six matchdays in four locations within the region. These events were hosted in Hull, Leeds, Middlesbrough and Newcastle. The 2019/20 season will see two new teams enter the NEPFL. Newly formed Teesside PFC will join the Premiership division and York PFC the Championship, taking the total number of teams in each division to seven.

Current Officers and Main Contacts


George Radcliffe

Email: [email protected]

League Secretary

Lee Brennan

Email: [email protected]