Dear Powerchair Community,

I have wanted to write for a few days to touch base with the Powerchair Football community but admittedly with the ever-changing situation have found it difficult to put the words together.

The situation we find ourselves in currently is unprecedented and not one we could have imagined ourselves being in because of the risk of the coronavirus.  I realise that many of our community will receive letters this week from the NHS, strongly advising them to isolate for a period of a minimum of 12 weeks.  I may or may not receive one myself but even so, I intend to follow the advice because I know of my past medical history and the problems I have had.  If you do not receive a letter and you think you should have done then please contact your GP or hospital consultant.  It would be my personal advice to be as safe as possible and do not put yourselves or others at risk.

As you will have seen from a WFA statement last week, we have now suspended all WFA National League weekends, all Regional Leagues, all events relating to Powerchair Football and all Powerchair training has been stopped.  This is in line with all grassroots and mainstream football being suspended too.

We do not know how long this situation will last, the 12 weeks is very tentative and should only be used as a guideline at this moment in time.  However long it is, it is imperative that our community stays connected, stays strong and remains positive, that is the only way we shall get through this by helping and supporting each other.  We are often at our best when our community comes together and this is when we are at our strongest. 

Adam has already sent out a document to clubs entitled ‘Keeping Busy Without Powerchair Football’, which outlines a few ideas individuals and clubs can do to remain busy and stay connected during this time.  I would really encourage clubs and teams to connect using the technology available, maybe this could be at the normal time of training so people stay in a routine or have something to focus on each week.

It is vitally important that as well as working from home, whether that’s paid work, school work, college work, that we keep our minds healthy and active.  I intend to spend a lot of time working on things for The WFA and really try and use the time I may not have had otherwise.  I would urge everyone to have a focus and to come out of this with a positive.  That positive could be learning a new language, doing an online course, it could be helping others, it could be personal development for yourselves, whatever it is make sure that time doesn’t drift away and don’t let time go to waste.

Finally, I didn’t want to focus too much on the football side of things as really it is insignificant at this present time, but yes, of course, we shall all miss it tremendously but peoples health is a priority.  Personally speaking, the situation we find ourselves in it does make you step back and appreciate what you’ve got.  Not being able to go training, play matches, coach or see friends or family is unthinkable but is sadly the reality we are currently in. 

However, and I cannot stress this enough, we shall get back to normal once this is all over and it will feel amazing when we do return to training and to competitive matches…..I promise you that day will come.

If anyone has any ideas for the WFA Exec Committee or things they want to see The WFA do, please get in touch with your ideas, thoughts and suggestions.  Please also feel free to drop me a message anytime for a chat or to discuss things you would like to see.

Please could everyone take care and let's stay connected to each other.

Best wishes

David Lewis

WFA Chairperson

On behalf of The WFA Exec Committee