In order to deliver an Introduction to Coaching Powerchair Football course in an area, the WFA need to ensure a number of criteria can be met:


  • The maximum number of candidates that can attend is 20.
  • The course can not be run unless a minimum of 15 candidates register.
  • The WFA will promote the course to "local" coaches and help with recruitment.
  • The cost per participant is £50.


  • A classroom for 20 people available from 9am - 5pm (or equivalent).
  • A classroom with projector and screen.
  • A Sports Hall with full-size basketball court (2 * 2 Hour sessions).
  • Suitable "Disabled Facilities" and access (including Parking).

Playing Equipment

To deliver the course, the WFA require the use of the following equipment.  This may be able to be sourced/provided by the WFA depending on location and availability:

  • Use of a minimum of 8 Powerchairs with sanctioned Playing attachments.
  • Footballs, Goalposts, Slalom cones and a variety of other coaching equipment.
  • A Tool Box (including Pump, Marking Tape and Tape measure).

To find out about upcoming coaching courses, please visit Our Events.

If you would be interested in supporting or hosting a Coaching course in your area, please contact:
Name: Adam McEvoy
Tel: 07885 408440
Email: [email protected]