The WFA currently oversee 9 Powerchair Football competitions each season across England.

MDUK Premiership

The Muscular Dystrophy UK Premiership is the top national competition.  This is a league competition that sees the top 12 teams in the country compete over 6 weekends with 132 fixtures taking place.

MDUK Championship

The Muscular Dystrophy UK Championship is the 2nd tier of our national league competition.  12 teams compete over 6 weekends and 132 fixtures to try and gain promotion or battle to stay in the national league.

The WFA Cup

The WFA Cup is a competition that is open to all affiliated clubs.  Teams are drawn and games are played "on the road" in a knock out, round by round format.  The final is played at St George's Park as part of the FA Disability Cup finals day. 

Regional Leagues

The WFA then support 6 Regional League competitions to help provide competitive opportunities on a "local" level.  These competitions then provide teams with a route to national league qualification.  At present the Regional Leagues are:

  • North West PFL
  • North East PFL
  • West Midlands PFL
  • East Midlands PFL
  • South West PFL
  • South East PFL

There are also a number of club organised tournaments, festivals and friendly events that are run outside of the WFA competition stricture that provide opportunities for new clubs or inexperienced players to take part in matches.