The Championship division was launched in 2007 with 10 new teams competing.  The National League competition has grown and changed structure over time, but the Championship division has always remained as the 2nd tier Powerchair Football competition in England. This excellent, highly contested division allows teams to battle it out for two automatic promotion spots to the Premiership, as well as offering a great learning experience for new or younger players.

Honors Board:

Season Competition Winner Runners Up Top Goalscorer
2018/19 Muscular Dystrophy UK Championship Manchester United PFC AFC Bournemouth Warriors

Ryan Skinner- AFC Bournemouth Warriors (33)

2017/18 Muscular Dystrophy UK Championship Sevenoaks PFC Leeds PFC

Daniel Rigby - Leeds PFC (28)

2016/17 Muscular Dystrophy UK Championship St George's Knights PFC Sale United PFC

Dylan Kelsall - St George's Knights - (37)

2015/16 WFA Championship Manchester United PFC Middlesbrough PFC

C Darlington - Manchester United PFC - (35)

2014/15 WFA Championship Muscle Warriors PFC Everton PFC J Duke - Everton PFC - (37)
2013/14 WFA Championship Nottingham Forest PFC Evergreen PFC

A Langley - Nottingham Forest PFC - (22)

2012/13 WFA Championship Brighton & Hove Albion PFC Reading PFC

C Wilkinson - Reading PFC - (27)

2011/12 WFA Championship Norwich City PFC Bolton Bullets PFC M Harrison - Bolton Bullets PFC (44)
2010/11 Sirus Championship Northern Thunder Blues Nottinghamshire PFC J Lear - Nottinghamshire PFC (15)
2009/10 WFA Championship Villa Rockets PFC Valence Vikings PFC A Yuill - Gillingham Mean Machines (23)
2008/09 WFA Championship Aspire 2 Valence Vikings PFC D Stevens - Valence Vikings PFC (29)
2007/08 WFA Championship Aspire 2 Northern Thunder Blues R O'Leary - Aspire 2 (40)