Before being introduced to Powerchair Football, I played wheelchair basketball with my close friend Max Bode. At the time our conditions were deteriorating so we had to look for another opportunity to compete competitively within sport. In October 2010, I saw that my local club, Norwich City PFC, was delivering Powerchair Football sessions. We went to try it out and was hooked straight away! Within six months I had already got my first sports wheelchair, a Storm, and felt invincible!

Shortly after this, I started playing in the National League. The 2011/12 season will always hold a special place in my heart as Norwich City PFC, won the Championship division gaining promotion to the Premiership. I was 13 at the time and at that point was unsure what would my next step in football would be. In October of that year, I was invited with four other players to attend a training camp in Coimbra, Portugal. In this camp, I met two other girls called Malaurie Pouchet & Ferdaous Najar, two French players I've remained friends with ever since. We often meet at various European and International events/competitions.

At the end of the 2012/13 season, we received the devastating news that one of my closest friends and team goalkeeper, Ben Parkin, had passed away just weeks before our relegation play-off fixture. Luckily, we all rallied together and was able to maintain our Premiership status. Unfortunately, the following season we found ourselves in the same position, unable to repeat the feat of the previous season Norwich City PFC were relegated.  It was at that time we decided to disband and go our separate ways. I tried out at multiple clubs but it wasn’t until I reached Muscle Warriors PFC, in Watford, I felt at home.

In the single-season I played for Muscle Warriors, we won the Championship gaining promotion to the Premiership and it was then that I was asked to join sister club, Aspire PFC. I’d always admired Aspire because they were the top dogs, 13-year-old Rosie always said “I’m going to play for them one day” and now I do! In the time that I've represented Aspire we’ve won one Premiership title, three WFA Cup titles and finished 5th & 4th in Europe!

I still travel to Watford every Sunday for training and hope to for the rest of my career. Next year we are going to Geneva for the European Championships, I’m super excited because it’s the highest level you can play at for your domestic club, it’s a real honour. It will cost a hefty amount to go and I will be doing a sponsored silence for 24hrs at the next MDUK National League Premiership. This surprised many as… well…. I’m pretty loud, you may not know my face or my name but you will know my voice!

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This year I started a coaching role at Norwich City PFC helping the Regional & National League team with my football knowledge. I love working and helping to educate others in the sport. I have “the bug” and want others to feel as excited as I do.


Rosie’s Q&A

Q. Playing number?

A. 26, after my favourite footballer John Terry, and my family have a weird thing where we’re born on the 26th of a month

Q. Playing position?

A. Mainly a winger, but I’m no stranger to the middle or goal.

Q. Playing chair type?

A. I play in a Strikeforce.

Q. Best player you played with?

A. Jon Bolding. 3 words- Legend, intelligent, genius!

Q. Best players you’ve played against?

A. Momo Ghelami and Brian Weiss. Two French players who are not afraid of smashing the ball, tackling or winding you up on and off the pitch.

Q. Best game you’ve played in?

A. The 2018/2019 WFA Cup final which was Charlie Kitcher’s last game. We beat our close rivals, Northern Thunder 4-0. It was sad to see Kitcher go as he mentored me and helped educate me on the game.

Q. 19/20 Premiership Predictions?

A. Do I have to say? I don’t want to jinx anything!

Q. 19/20 Championship Predictions?

A. The mighty Norwich City PFC of course!

Q. Hobbies outside Powerchair Football?

A. Where to start? I’m a huge beauty enthusiast, makeup and skincare. I also reciveved my degree in July in Photography which is one of my passions. Other than those I am an Auntie to four nephews (Bobby, Elliott, Mason & Alfie) who I adore. I love going down the pub with my friends and family on a Saturday afternoon and playing Fortnite with my brother.

Rosie's Photography

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