I started Powerchair Football when I was 8 years old. I heard about the sport when a flyer came through the post explaining that the local county Football Association was setting up a Powerchair Football club in Hull.

I had always loved football and wanted to play at school but never could so this was the perfect opportunity to play on a level playing field. I went to one of the Powerchair Football taster sessions advertised, met the people that would soon be my teammates and the East Riding Electric Eels were born.


Whilst still playing for the Eels I achieved some amazing things. As a team we won the very first North East Regional League, I traveled to Paris for a U-16 training camp when I was 10 and on top of this, I won the Joe Barry Home Nations Cup in 2017 with a WFA U-16 Squad. After all these brilliant things, I decided it was time for a change.

So in August 2017, I decided to make the move to Leeds PFC. In my first season, I had great fun, learned a lot and we even got promoted to the Premiership. As for the WFA Cup, my experience of the exhilarating one-off games has always been short and sweet but it would feel brilliant to play in the final at St George’s Park surrounded by other disability football athletes and, who knows, maybe even win.

Last season, things were a lot more challenging but despite relegation, we improved dramatically and will hopefully be promoted back to the Premiership this season. I’ve had a great powerchair football journey so far and hope to make more memories in the future.

Kizzy Q&A's

Q. Playing number?

A. 18

Q. Playing position?

A. I play mainly as a winger

Q. Playing chair type?

A. I play in a Strikeforce

Q. Best player you played with?

A. At the Goals Beyond Grass Festival of Powerchair Football, I was coached, and played with England players, Brad, Bates, Chris Gordon, and Jon Bolding

Q. Best player you’ve played against?

A. In the Premiership I played against some amazing players, the highlights would have to be Jon Bolding and Chris Gordon

Q. Best game you’ve played in?

A. I really enjoyed the final game against Ireland in the Home Nations Cup as it was so highly contested and the draw we got eventually won us the trophy

Q. 19/20 Premiership Predictions? 

A. My prediction is West Bromwich Albion to win with Aspire a close second. This is because I think West Bromwich coped better under pressure last season


Q. 19/20 Championship Predictions?

A. I think Leeds PFC will win the Championship. Not just because that’s who I play for but because I think we have really improved in the break


Q. Hobbies outside Powerchair Football?  

A. I enjoy watching movies and have an interest in the making of them, I also enjoy photography and listening to music

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