I was 11 when The Everton Foundation visited my school to deliver an introduction to Powerchair Football. I didn't hesitate about taking part and absolutely loved it! Here we are, 10 years later and Powerchair Football is a massive part of my life.

When I was younger, I would dream of playing football competitively, something Powerchair Football has absolutely given me! The first team I played for was Everton PFC. I remember my first game vividly, I enjoyed it so much. I remember I would tell my coaches and fellow players constantly that I wanted to play for my country and achieve great things within the sport.

I represented Everton for nearly 6 years and loved every second of it! In a single season at Everton, we managed to get promoted straight to the Premiership and individually in that same season, I won the Championship Player of the Season and Top Goal Scorer Awards. I was then approached by West Bromwich Albion PFC, who were strong Premiership contenders at the time. It was a move I couldn’t turn down. This signified a massive step up in my Powerchair Football career. 

After signing for West Bromwich Albion and playing alongside England internationals like Chris Gordon and Marcus Harrison, I started to really learn about the technical side of the sport comprehensively, from defence to attack, but most importantly I learned how to win as a team. I got the amazing opportunity to represent West Brom at the EPFA Champions Cup in Denmark and a few months later I was invited to an England senior squad training camp. Looking back now, I realise that I was young and wasn’t quite ready for that step up, but I am still extremely proud/grateful that I was given the opportunity to visit England's National Training Centre, St George’s Park, to partake in the training camp. 

After 2 years at West Brom, I decided to take all the invaluable things I had learned and make the move to Manchester United PFC. I have been at Manchester United ever since and loved every second of it. In my first full season at United, we won the Muscular Dystrophy UK Championship, managing to go the whole campaign unbeaten. I was also extremely proud to be voted as Championship Player of the Year by my fellow players and coaches. We are now back in the Premiership, constantly developing and adapting as a team. Our hope for this season is to enjoy the overall experience in the Premiership and hopefully avoid relegation.  


Q1 Playing number?


Q2 Playing position?

I mainly play in the middle.

Q3 Playing chair type?

I play in a Strike Force.

Q4 Best player you have played with?

I would probably say, Chris Gordon. He taught me so much in my time at West Brom and definitely made me a better player. Still, he knows he could never beat me in a 1v1 ;)

Q5 Best player you have played against?

That is a tough one! I would probably have to say, Jon Bolding. He is unbelievably strong on the ball and a tactical genius. I have to say that sometimes, just sometimes, he makes me look average.

Q6 Best game I have played in?

I’ve played in some amazing fixtures but I’d probably say that last seasons WFA Cup quarter-final fixture between Manchester United PFC and Middlesbrough PFC was my favourite. The whole game was end to end! Despite being behind for a large part of the game, we managed to take it to extra time, then going on to secure the win late on. Booking a place in the WFA Cup Semi-Final was a proud moment.

Q7 Premiership predictions?

I’d Say West Brom are favourites because they have an extremely strong squad! I think Marcus Harrison will help guide them to their third consecutive Premiership title.

Q8 Championship predictions?

I think it will be a really close one this year! If I had to pick, I would probably say Leeds Chariots PFC. They play some brilliant football and I’m sure they will be wanting a quick return to the Premiership. I also really like Norwich City PFC, and think they have a good chance of securing one of the promotion spots!

Q9 Hobbies outside Powerchair Football?

For those of you that don’t know I own my clothing brand called Duke Diamante. It’s something I am really passionate and proud of. I have had celebrities like Katie Price, Chris Eubank Jr and Charlotte Crosby wear my stuff and I’m hoping it continues to grow. So, if you would like to check out my clothing brand find me on Facebook @Jordan Duke and on Instagram @Duke Diamante. Alternatively, you can check out my website www.dukediamante.com

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