I was always into sport and when I was young my dad used to take me to watch rugby league as I support Castleford Tigers. I always wanted to play a sport myself rather than just watch but my options were very limited due to having Brittle Bones. 

When I was younger, I swam and learnt to snorkel, but it was never competitive. I had the option of playing boccia but that just wasn’t for me.  I decided to join the local wheelchair basketball club - not to play as it was far too physical but to help out and just be involved in a sport. I became the secretary of the club for a couple of years, but I craved taking part in a sport I could compete at.

Then one day I saw an advert on Facebook about some taster sessions for Powerchair football and thought straight away that has to be the sport for me as I loved football and had used a Powerchair for years. I went along, got a bumper fitted to my chair and I was hooked straightaway.  I signed up to the newly formed Leeds PFC right then and have been there ever since. The club only had a handful of players, but we all wanted to make this new club a success. Not only was I a player but also became the Vice Chair of the club. Later on, I became chairperson of the club and still am today.

The club grew very fast and from only playing a few friendlies we played in the newly formed Yorkshire League.  We then decided to enter the North East League and it was here that my real thrill for the sport began, I had finally found a sport that I could play competitively, and I could be part of a team. 

Due to our success at regional league level we decided to take the step to compete in the National League. We entered the championship league in 2016-17 as Leeds Chariots and after the first weekend we thought have we taken it a step too far. However, we got our heads down and worked hard and the wins started coming, in our first season we finished in a very impressive 5th place. 

The following season our aim was to get promotion and in only our second season we were promoted to the WFA Premiership.  It was amazing to achieve this in such a short length of time with a great team. We are now in our first season in the premiership and yes, it is hard, but we are learning fast and whether we’re winning or losing I just love playing this great sport. 

This year we also decided to enter 2 of our teams, Dynamos and Chariots, into the WFA Cup which has enabled more of our players at the club get more experience playing against different opposition. Playing in the cup is great for all of our players and we would love the chance to play at St Georges Park one day in future.

As a female player and also one of the oldest players in the national league the great thing about Powerchair football is you can carry on playing even at a high level despite your gender or age. My only regret is I wish I’d found this sport a lot earlier. I’ve met some amazing people and it has changed my life, I couldn’t imagine not playing Powerchair football now.

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