In November, EPFA announced that the next Champions Cup event will be taking place in Hou, Denmark in October 2018.

It was also confirmed that England would receive two entry spaces at the competition.  Following a WFA Executive  meeting last month, it was agreed that the WFA would use the results from the 2016/17 season to select our entries for the event next year.  This is to allow teams enough time to raise funds, book travel and to fully prepare for the competition.

The WFA can now confirm that Northern Thunder PFC and Aspire PFC will be travelling to Denmark next October to challenge for the 2018 EPFA Champions Cup

Back in 2008, the WFA Executive agreed the criteria which would be used to select entries for all future EPFA Champions Cup events.  Due to the number of spaces given to English teams being confirmed on an event by event basis, the following competitions results and order would be used: 

  • 1st entry will be allocated to the Winner of the WFA National League Premiership Division.
  • 2nd entry will be allocated to the Winner of the WFA Cup.
  • 3rd entry will be awarded to the next position in the WFA National League Premiership Division.
  • Any further tickets will be allocated based on league position.
  • If a team declines the invitation to enter, the space will be offered to the next position within the league results.

The WFA would like to wish both teams all the best and we will be releasing more information about the event once everything has been confirmed by EPFA.