The new WFA board has been in position for just over ten weeks, we never knew time could go so quickly!

Whilst it is our aim and intention to concentrate on matters which are important on the pitch such as ensuring the league is setup and ready to go, supporting clubs to get through the affiliation process and ensuring fixtures are done properly and in a timely manner.  Alongside this we are having to deal with issues off the pitch which have been born out of a lot of social media activity from an organisation and individual who are trying to act on our behalf or in certain areas work with us.

The new Executive have come in and are having to work across a lot of areas, whilst settling into new and difficult roles.  We are currently limited as our new National Development Manager and only paid employee starts at the beginning of September so all league work which needs doing has been completed by trustees.  We have walked into some very difficult and challenging situations and it is good governance for us to try and establish the full facts of any given situation before engaging or making rash decisions which impact upon The WFA.

Rest assured The WFA is fully aware of the social media activity and the discussions initiated made by DBA Sport CIC on the subject of non-compliant wheelchairs.  In addition to engaging ourselves and working with the relevant authorities we are meeting with DBA Sport CIC this weekend and we shall put a full statement out regarding the situation shortly after this meeting. We'd like to note it is not our policy to conduct important and detailed discussions through social media.

The membership in terms of clubs and players are by far the most important asset to The WFA and it is our duty to act on your behalf and ensure you are safeguarded so you can enjoy our sport without any worries or concerns.  The alleged issues being highlighted on social media are relevant to manufacturers, which the The WFA will work with and support closely once the full facts are established. 

Please could coaches, players and other club members try to refrain from replying or commenting on social media as it does add to the misinformation and worry already caused and only makes our job more difficult.  I fully appreciate people’s frustrations and concerns and urge anyone with any questions or concerns to raise these by contacting myself. We are being proactive and working hard to reach clarity on this.

A further statement will be made shortly after the bank holiday weekend in the meantime we hope clubs pre-season preparations are going well ahead of the new season and we are very excited and looking forward to the commencement of competition from September.

With best wishes

David Lewis
Chairman of The WFA