A few weeks ago the Norwich City Powerchair Football team welcomed a special visitor to their training session.

Television presenter Jake Humphrey stopped by to speak to the team and have a go at our sport. He was also joined by ex-Norwich City first team player, Simon Lappin. 

Jake was there to see first hand how funding from the BT Sport & Premier League disability initiative has benefited Norwich City Community Sports Foundation and its powerchair players. He is also a trustee for the community sports foundation. 

During the day Jake and Simon spoke to all of the players, with Jake speaking one to one with the Norwich City PFC captain, Mike Coleman. 

Mike has played powerchair football since he was 14 and now in his mid 20's, supporting the team as both a player and coach. Mike and his fellow teammates were pleased to welcome Jake and Simon along to see them in action.

“It was good fun to have them here and it is good to raise awareness because a lot of people don’t know about the sport,” said Mike.

He added, "I've always liked watching normal football, so to be able to play myself in wheelchair football is very good. Playing powerchair football brings back a bit of what I was missing." The thing I like the most is how everyone's kind of level when you're in the chair, so you all have a chance of winning.

Jake tweeted about his efforts soon after!

During the day Jake also added: 

"Because of the kind of courses that the Community Sports Foundation run and the opportunities we give people and the funding that comes in from things like the BT & Premier League disability fund, it means the money is there to spend time with young people who have got a disability,"

"They can still play football, they can still do an event and come and take part in one of the sessions, and it is genuinely changing people's lives."

To view the Premier League/BT Disability fund powerchair video please click here

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